Visual Tracking: The First Step in Batting

The batting process requires tight coordination between visual and motor capabilities.  First, the visual system must encode the motion of the baseball, using retinal image motion combined with high-level cues to construct a percept of pitch trajectory.  Second, a high-level decision must be made about whether to swing.  Third, given an affirmative decision, the motor system must drive a smooth batting stroke to contact the ball.  Although these capabilities blend together seamlessly in a well-practiced batter, recently-developed assessment technologies can quantify the component capabilities that support this process, including assessment of motion processing capabilities with the neuroFit ONE as well as assessment of eye-hand coordination using a joystick.    

Dr. Li Li and her student Raine Chen at Hong Kong University / NYU have looked at these skills and their relationship to batting performance.  How much variance in batting performance can nFit account for?   See the graph below.    We'll be presenting the whole story at Saberseminar.  


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